Dusty Barrel’s Eye on Community

Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council

When the ATO rang early April asking if fledgling craft distillery, Dusty Barrel had capacity to produce hand sanitiser, Nick and Michelle Hope didn’t take too long to think it over before saying yes. This small business located in Macclesfield, is founded on a sense of community & here was an opportunity to contribute when needed most. “We got into it pretty quickly for two reasons, healthcare and other essential services needed the product, but we also saw an opportunity to cultivate community relationships and get our brand noticed,”. It wasn’t an easy operation but with help from the ATO, Yarra Ranges Council and other local businesses, Nick was able to produce Dusty Barrel Distillery Hand Sanitiser and secure contracts with local schools & businesses, also available online. Dusty Barrel aims to produce unique handcrafted spirits from locally sourced fruit and grains. Nick is confident that the connections made through this unexpected side venture can only benefit them in the long run. “By buying and employing locally, we will reduce our carbon footprint and support the local community for the long term,” said Nick

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