Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
Australian Exd Electric Actuators produced in Bayswater

Acrodyne has been included as an “Additional Manufacturing Location” on the IECEx Certificate of Conformity.

This means we can produce in Australia Limitorque MX and QX electric actuators conforming to the exacting requirements of the IECEx certification—FROM STOCK!

In a fast-paced environment where waiting weeks or months for an actuator is not an option, Acrodyne now provide a solution—at a Local Level.


Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
A Typical Day At Acrodyne-Actuator-Central

A sea of actuators being built, modified, overhauled or serviced, a very typical day at Acrodyne.

These actuators are an integral part of a multitude of industries including water or wastewater treatment plants, power stations, mine sites, offshore oil production platforms, and power stations, and most are on a short lead-time requirement to ensure these plants are up and running with the least amount of disruption.

Acrodyne’s Quick Response Centre is specifically designed and operated to minimize those disruptions, tired of waiting? come talk to us.

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