ASPIRE Marketplace – A solution to solve your waste issues

I’d like to share with you, ASPIRE.

ASPIRE is an online matchmaking tool for material resource exchange, based on a methodology for engaging and supporting small and medium manufacturing businesses. It drives on the concept of a Circular Economy, where all waste is valued as a resource and aimed to keep in use for productivity.

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Community Engagement Manager - ASPIRE PL
ASPIRE – A marketplace for the Circular Economy

In times like these, we need to be thinking about more innovative ideas to push into our business models, so we, not only become more sustainable, but more powerful in our operations.

Empowered by the concept of the Circular Economy, ASPIRE was developed by CSIRO and DATA61 in response to the big business challenge – the ever growing waste disposal costs and dumping of waste into landfill.

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE was developed with the idea that businesses can connect with other businesses to exchange waste as a resource. However, ASPIRE is more than just a directory, we’ve created a platform that adopts an intelligent matchmaking system for businesses to be ‘matched’ to the resources they are looking for.

We thrive on the belief that moving our economy from linear to circular, shifts the focus from increased consumption and high waste, to simply doing more with less. We hope to inspire businesses to engage in the pathway to circularity.

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