Hey Employers!

Employers, would you like to know more about our process, service offerings and government subsidies? Contact us today see all the great ways we can help you find the right people for your teams.

At Employment Plus, we provide much more than just a ‘match-and-detach’ recruitment process. Our personalised services are tailored to suit the needs of you and your business. Not only do we provide you with skilled, job-ready candidates, we ensure they’re a good fit with your workplace and that you’re both properly supported throughout the process.

Employment Plus are here to help employers…

Here at Employment Plus, we look at employment a little differently. To us, a job is never just a job. We know that to you, it’s your future, your livelihood and a way to connect with society.

We’ve placed over half a million people in jobs in over 200,000 businesses, and we are proud to support those with a disability, injury or health condition.

Did you know? 

Hiring a person with a disability or a medical condition is not only important for society, it’s good for business. People with a disability generally take fewer days off, less sick leave and stay in jobs longer.

Looking to hire? When you work with Employment Plus, you get:

  • Employee training – We work with our candidates to ensure they are work ready. We also offer employers training and trade tickets to upskill your workers.
  • Workplace adjustments- We help with appropriate environmental adjustments, uniforms, or equipment to hit the ground running from day one.
  • Post placement support- Our job doesn’t end the day you hire – we’ll work with you and the employee to ensure placement success.