Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
Harry Tan overseeing another successful project delivery at Acrodyne

This application required some very tight valve control associated with a gas application in Australia.

Limitorque QX actuators were selected for a number of reasons including their ability to finely tune the loop as well as their reliable and rugged reputation in the Australian Gas industry.

Harry Tan has a wealth of application knowledge, he is more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
What Is A Fair Lifetime For An Actuator?

This is a Limitorque model SMA built at the Limitorque UK facility and installed at a major Queensland dam in the late 1960s.

The unit was returned to us for evaluation, apart from some minimal wear on the worm gear the actuator received new bearings, seals gaskets, etc., a fresh coat of paint and it was proudly returned back to service.

Judging by the condition at 50 plus years of service, I would confidently say it would easily provide another 50 years of reliable service.

Having reliability issues? Come talk to Acrodyne, the Australian Actuator Company.

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Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
AcroWrench Portable Actuator

In addition to our standard range of actuators, Acrodyne Pty Ltd specialise in a full range of portable actuators, petrol, battery or in the case of the unit Harry Tan is holding portable pneumatic.

The AcroWrench is a very simple and easy implemented solution to open and close any type of multi-turn manual valve in minutes without the associated fatigue and repetitive strain associated with manual handling.

The process in selecting the correct portable actuator is exactly the same as applied to all actuator sizing for valves, this ensures the product is fit for the purpose intended, this way ensuring the asset is protected.

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