LOCAL BUSINESS NOW HIRING: Marketing & Warehouse Staff

Local Manufacturer Setec BMPRO have multiple roles available at their Knoxfield premises; strong growth and development opportunities are driving the need to further enhance their warehouse team.

Current roles include:

  • Marketing Co-Ordinator
  • Stores Supervisor
  • Stores Person / Picker

Read the information flyer here.

Successful applicants will be working with friendly staff in a clean environment and in a very modern factory.

If you would like more information or referring someone to apply, please contact:Lauren Dawes | SETEC, HR Administration Assistantlauren.dawes@setec.com.au | 03 9763 0962

Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd

This application is to replace older valves on a glandwater cooling system fitted to large pumps at one of Melbourne Water pump stations.

The valves were specially made to fit into existing face-to-face dimensions enabling a smooth changeover.

Another Andrew Hartley project for Melbourne Water.

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Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
Acrodyne can make your old actuators as good a new

Alongside building Limitorque electric actuators, we also repair, service and field assist/commission both weather-proof and Explosion-proof hazardous area actuators under AS3800 (Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres)

This actuator has had a routine PM, every aspect of the actuator is inspected, the actuator is then subject to an intense testing regime with our specialized testing equipment as seen with our expert technician Frank.

Once completed, this L120 will be returned to Melbourne Water with the performance and reliability of a new actuator.

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Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd

Stirling Dam is located east of Harvey WA with construction commencing in the 1940’s, Stirling Dam has a capacity of 50.56 GL.

Limitorque products have been used extensively throughout Water Corporation assets spanning more than 50 years, the actuators pictured were made to order in Australia, supported locally by our Bibra Lake based facility and team.

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Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
Acrodyne Commission Limitorque MX Actuators operating AWMA layflat gates

We recently commissioned 2 sets of Limitorque MX actuators with multiturn wormgear box fitted to AWMA cable driven layflat gates, the application is flow control providing class C treated water for irrigation.

The gates were made in regional Victoria while the actuators were built to order in Melbourne.


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Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
Australian Exd Electric Actuators produced in Bayswater

Acrodyne has been included as an “Additional Manufacturing Location” on the IECEx Certificate of Conformity.

This means we can produce in Australia Limitorque MX and QX electric actuators conforming to the exacting requirements of the IECEx certification—FROM STOCK!

In a fast-paced environment where waiting weeks or months for an actuator is not an option, Acrodyne now provide a solution—at a Local Level.


Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd
What’s A Reasonable Time To Wait?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that equipment failure may occur at some point.

When that piece of equipment is a critical control element in a water treatment plant or in a hazardous area environment, a solution needs to be fast-tracked.

For this very reason, Acrodyne Pty Ltd have introduced a QRC (Quick Response Centre) in Australia, having the ability to build Limitorque electric actuators, the capacity to machine adaption components and provide protective coatings is the answer.

Pictured are Limitorque MX actuators, these can be built the SAME DAY!

Generate22: a robotics & AI conference

Generate22 is a robotic & AI conference to be held next year, 30 & 31 March 2022 at Box Hill Tafe, Lilydale Campus.  This is where  industry, academia and enthusiasts will converge to generate new ideas, see what’s the latest in manufacturing and to hear experts in the field discuss robotics & AI. There will be speakers discussing robotics & AI in the lovely auditorium for the two days.

All major universities from Victoria will have representatives there to discuss their mechatronics courses and robotics clubs. This will be a wonderful opportunity to bring your child to hear what’s on offer and start making educated decisions about their future.

Situated at the  stunning Lilydale Campus, there is lots of parking available as well as accomodation if you are needing it.

This conference is in collaboration with major sponsor ANCA, Yarra Ranges Tech School, Robotics Australia Network and Exaptec.

If you are in automation/robotics and interested in exhibiting for the two days, attending, wanting to sponsor or  to speak, please do contact me for more information at nicci@exaptec.com.au

Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Grant opportunities

The Manufacturing Collaboration Stream supports large-scale manufacturing projects with:

  • business-to-business collaboration at their core and/or
  • business-to-research collaboration at their core.

The objectives of the Manufacturing Collaboration Stream are to:

  • Foster collaboration between businesses, research organisations, investors and other parties to realise transformation in Australia’s manufacturers towards higher value added segments of the manufacturing ‘smile curve’
  • Support manufacturers to work together to build manufacturing networks and ecosystems, unlock complementary capabilities, overcome barriers to scale and grow, and access global markets
  • Support long-term job creation and a more highly skilled workforce in the Australian manufacturing sector
  • Increase investment in Australian manufacturing, particularly in high-value added activities
  • Increase manufacturing capability, business acumen, knowledge diffusion and expertise.
  • For more information on eligibility please read the Grant opportunity guidelines.


Applications will open on Wednesday 11 August 2021.

To apply, go to www.business.gov.au/mmic


Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Industry Capability Network “The Victorian Prospect – July 2021”

Founded in 1984, ICN Victoria exists to support local industry participation, local content considerations and assist with the project procurement process. Read the latest edition of The Victorian Prospect here

To find out more about ICNGateway & to join the networking platform that’s helping Australian business grow go to https://gateway.icn.org.au/

Is your business in a position to win work on infrastructure projects and other procurement options across our state?

Yarra Ranges Council and ICN Victoria  held a series of virtual webinar workshops to support local businesses.

If you missed these sessions, you can watch recorded presentation here

These sessions centered on how you can get started with – and significantly improve upon – your ICN Gateway profile, which acts as the way to submit EOIs for projects, connect you to industry buyers, and many other advantages.

  • Welcome to ICN “Let’s start the conversation” 
  • Creating a new profile – targeted to those not yet on the platform
  • Profile improvement – targeted to those already on the platform