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Online SWMS & SOP Shop – Custodian Safety Services

We have launched an online shop that stocks template SWMS  aimed at contractors and trades that carry out high risk construction work.

Please find a link to the shop here –

This may be a useful resource for any of your contractors or trades that require SWMS for their high risk work activities and do not have them.

Our online shop also contains standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for non-high risk work tasks aimed at employers who’s workers carry out tasks that although not high risk construction tasks still carry a degree of risk to the safety of workers.

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Wheels in Motion Newsletter- October 2020 – It’s a whole new world

Welcome to the October edition of Wheels in Motion from CNBSafe Safety Speakers

Woody chats about the new world of online presentations.

A new Speaker Chat session between Woody & Westy on what life is like in a wheelchair…great video!

Vanessa & woody are raising funds to fight Kids cancer by doing the the Great Cycle Challenge.

RSEA Safety are now sponsoring our shirts…thanks RSEA!

See all the Australia wide clients that tapped into online presentations this month.




Workplace Safety Speaker - CNBSafe Safety Speakers
Wheels in Motion – September 2020 – Safety Speaker Shares

Wheels in Motion – September 2020

Safety Speaker Shares

Ask Woody a question

October is Safety Month –  Have you booked your Safety Speaker

Our Safety Speakers Share – hear from Michelle, Michael and Alan

Speaker Chats – Michelle & Woody coming soon

Safety Annie celebrates her birthday in lockdown

Learn more about all our Safety Speakers


Workplace Safety Speaker - CNBSafe Safety Speakers
Let us share our stories with you

Have all the policies and procedures in place to keep your team safe?

Just need to give them the reason…

This is where CNBSafe Safety Speakers come in.

Our speakers powerful real life stories will give your team the reason to take responsibility for their own safety and others!

Let us share our stories with you.

Vanessa & Woody are ready to chat you about an online or in person presentation.



Workplace Safety Speaker - CNBSafe Safety Speakers
Let’s not forget about Safety

With everything that has been going on over the last few months it is easy to get distracted or sidetracked by the issues that COVID-19 has forced upon us all.

It’s important that you don’t neglect the health and safety of your people. The last thing you want to have is an injury to a workmate in these already difficult times.

Over 20 years ago James Wood began visiting workplaces and sharing the story of how a serious workplace injury left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

‘My accident was caused by some CHOICES I made, I share my story to try and make people think about the choices they make that could lead to them getting hurt while they are doing their job.’

COVID-19 has thrown some challenges at CNBSafe, we can’t travel to some states in Australia at the moment.

However we have been delivering messages via Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and other online means.

For BBP members that would like to arrange for a Safety Speaker to share their story with your people, either in person complying with current social distancing requirements, or via online presentations contact Vanessa on 03 9730 2900.


Workplace Safety Speaker - CNBSafe Safety Speakers
CHOICES – The James Wood Story Safety Training DVD Package – 70% Offer

Hey, how many times have you had to stop work because of weather or a mechanical shutdown, and you think ‘Great opportunity to run some training!’

Or it could be a safety training day, induction for new employee or at this current time just don’t want to get all your people together.

Well… I have the solution for you!

A while ago after many requests I decided to create CHOICES The James Wood Story Safety Training DVD Package.

It’s a fully self-contained training module that you can run on your own.

It only takes less than 60 minutes to complete and will leave your employees with a powerful message and reminder that getting hurt will change their lives.

Order online or give us a call to discuss further.

We can supply the safety training package on a DVD/USB or an electronic format that can be distributed on your internal networks*.

I’ve cut the price by over 70% to see if we can continue to make sure your employees and workmates don’t lose focus on staying safe and looking out for each other.

Stay safe,


$1,980.00 $550.00

*Multiple site licence required for distribution to more than one location within the same company. Further details available on request.

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Working From Home

While working at home may be a new concept for some industries and job roles many employers have been adopting and implementing work from home employment agreements since cloud computing and high speed internet have become common place within industries.

With the recent uptrend in working from home even before the COVID-19 came about there have been some experience based learning’s that we can share with you. If adopted with the right attitude working from home does provide opportunities for business improvements and may result in some innovative new practices within businesses moving into the future.

Establishing a Routine

It is important that you keep yourself in a regular morning routine so that your in the right frame of mind for work. i.e. shower, get dressed for the day, eat breakfast just as if you were leaving the house to go to work.

Those lucky enough to have a spare room or enough space for a dedicated workstation should set up a workstation in these areas. As much as possible try and minimise distractions, ensure comfortable seating (more on this later) and have natural light. Try to avoid working in the same space as where you sleep.

Create a schedule just as you would at work and take regular breaks. Hand out the washing, walk around the block or just make a coffee or cup or tea, all of these things will refresh your mind. Also, it is important to ensure all persons living with you are aware that you work from home and some house rules or structure are set that all persons can respect.

Ergonomic considerations

It is important to ensure your workstation is set up safely in order to reduce aches and pain associated with working at a desk.

We assist companies manage this workplace safety issue and have developed a workstation self-assessment form to guide managers and persons undertaking work at desks to implement adequate controls to reduce risks. We are happy to share this resource with you: Workstation Self-Assessment

When working off a laptop of using a non-height adjustable chair you may need to be creative. Some of the ‘out side the box’ controls listed below may be of use to you.

  • Access an external wireless keyboard and mouse to increase posture flexibility
  • Raise your screen to eye level
  • Introduce a sit stand desk or duel screen
  • Use pillows or a rolled up towel to provide lumbar support
  • Increase your chair height
  • Placing a stool on the ground so your feel have a surface to rest on

 Mental Health

One of the most underestimated challenges when working from home is mental health and the often unexpected sense of isolation people can feel. We humans are a social species and need to feel connected.

While you wont have the coffee machine or water cooler for 5 minute chats when working from home there are other ways of staying connected. Here are a few ideas:

  • Scheduled work team conference calls with video where possible
  • Sychronised coffee or lunch breaks with work colleagues
  • Work group Whats app, Facebook Messenger or just plain old group texts

Our Working From Home Support Services Include:

  • Remote workstation assessments including interviews or video call sessions.
  • Working from home policies and procedures
  • Setting up your workstation procedure