Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money
We have had a name change and are having a give away to celebrate.

Last Thursday, BGN Financial Management officially became Smart Happy Money and we couldn’t be more excited.

To celebrate we are having a little give away.  We have had some special ‘Smart Happy Money’ wine prepared and are giving a bottle away.

To enter, visit and like our Facebook page.

We will put all new ‘likers’ into the draw to be decided on Friday the 16th October, and you will get to keep up to date with all of our content.

Cheers and have a wonderful day.


Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money
Our business is relaunching under a new name.

From Oct 1st 2020 BGN Financial Management will be known as Smart Happy Money.


Being smart with your money starts by making good choices. Simple things like spending less than you earn and investing the rest, knowing what is coming in and what is going out and having a plan in place to deal with the unexpected. We help our clients make smart decisions with their finances and we partner with them to review these decisions because we understand that life is full of changes.


Financial stress is a huge problem in Australia. We believe that having a plan for your money will lower the level of stress in your life. In addition, we build investment and superannuation portfolios using socially responsible and ethical investments to make sure that your money does no harm while working hard for you. Combined, these things create a happier planet and a happier you.


Money is more than just dollars and cents. It is the tool we use to live our lives. This is why our advice reaches beyond portfolio management, focussing also on your personal lifestyle goals. We offer a holistic service that empowers you to achieve your goals and dreams.