Director/Landscape Architect - JF STUDIO PTY LTD
JF Studio – Landscape Architecture – Being Resilient

During this difficult time, we still endeavor to deliver our projects on time. As a small and newly start business, we almost faced all the challenges that tried to stop us from growing business. We lost the opportunity to networking and develop close and new relationship with clients. We lost projects due to not being able to do initial site visits. We experienced our hands tied in maintaining cash flow. We spent more time in communicating with colleagues and clients.

However, we manage to survive. JF Studio staff work day and night in keeping projects going. We attended as many events as we could in learning how to be resilient. ‘Winning Government’s Project’, ‘Women on the Go 2020’, ‘Small Business Mentorship Program’ are all great events and resources for supporting local businesses by Councils. We have adapted the new normal as fast as we could and communicate constantly internally and with clients over phone calls, emails, and tele-conferences. We have updated our website and started building social media. We survived!

We are working on our first public project – Lilydale Preschool Playground Renewal. Stay tuned…