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Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Grant opportunities

The Manufacturing Collaboration Stream supports large-scale manufacturing projects with:

  • business-to-business collaboration at their core and/or
  • business-to-research collaboration at their core.

The objectives of the Manufacturing Collaboration Stream are to:

  • Foster collaboration between businesses, research organisations, investors and other parties to realise transformation in Australia’s manufacturers towards higher value added segments of the manufacturing ‘smile curve’
  • Support manufacturers to work together to build manufacturing networks and ecosystems, unlock complementary capabilities, overcome barriers to scale and grow, and access global markets
  • Support long-term job creation and a more highly skilled workforce in the Australian manufacturing sector
  • Increase investment in Australian manufacturing, particularly in high-value added activities
  • Increase manufacturing capability, business acumen, knowledge diffusion and expertise.
  • For more information on eligibility please read the Grant opportunity guidelines.


Applications will open on Wednesday 11 August 2021.

To apply, go to


Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Industry Capability Network “The Victorian Prospect – July 2021”

Founded in 1984, ICN Victoria exists to support local industry participation, local content considerations and assist with the project procurement process. Read the latest edition of The Victorian Prospect here

To find out more about ICNGateway & to join the networking platform that’s helping Australian business grow go to

Is your business in a position to win work on infrastructure projects and other procurement options across our state?

Yarra Ranges Council and ICN Victoria  held a series of virtual webinar workshops to support local businesses.

If you missed these sessions, you can watch recorded presentation here

These sessions centered on how you can get started with – and significantly improve upon – your ICN Gateway profile, which acts as the way to submit EOIs for projects, connect you to industry buyers, and many other advantages.

  • Welcome to ICN “Let’s start the conversation” 
  • Creating a new profile – targeted to those not yet on the platform
  • Profile improvement – targeted to those already on the platform
Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Registrations Open for Circular Advantage 2021

Is the Circular Economy on your radar as an emerging opportunity?

If you are unfamiliar with the term, when applied to business strategy, the circular economy is a new approach that applies Japanese kaizen principles and design thinking to enhance profits through resource optimisation

Circular Advantage is an executive education program designed to help organisations produce an impactful circular economy strategy.  Developed by Dr. Scott Valentine of KPMG, Circular Advantage is delivered online through 18-modules over five months.  There is considerable focus on collaboration, and the program seeks to assist companies in understanding the circular economy and its application to their business.  All 20 companies in last year’s program developed critical new insights to improve their operations’ efficiency by considering the way they do business through a circular economy lens.

This year, the Circular Advantage program is being rolled out nationally with the support of Planet Ark and Circular Economy Victoria.

For further information, please contact Sean Trewick (


Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Victorian Major Projects Pipeline

The Victorian Major Projects Pipeline has been designed to make it easier for businesses, suppliers and contractors to contribute to the major projects that will transform the state over the next decade and beyond.

Search for projects using relevant filters or toggle between the List and Timeline to view projects by estimated value, region, project type and relevant delivery agency. This site will also be updated quarterly as new major projects are announced and budgeted.

Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Successful pivoting efforts from businesses in Melbourne’s East

Combined Building Maintenance from Boronia, typically focussed on mould removal & remediation as their service offering. As part of the remediation, an antimicrobial fog is implemented on the affected areas to ensure surfaces remain germ free for an extended period of time. During the COVID-19 outbreak , it was noted the long periods of time that the virus remained on a plastic or steel surface. Their next step: introducing “Environment Fogging”, a non-volatile solution to creating lower risk of transmission in office, community, & domestic spaces. The treatment that is applied as a fog is called Healthguard AMIC & leaves  soft / hard surfaces with a germ-Prospect / 7 free residue for an extended length of time. Many businesses & venues have so far utilised this new service, such as Zimmerman Industries (Lilydale), Knox City Football Club and Mooroolbark Soccer Club. Combined Building Maintenance highlighted that cleaning techniques are not stagnant & can adapt to new challenges as they arise.
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Dusty Barrel’s Eye on Community

When the ATO rang early April asking if fledgling craft distillery, Dusty Barrel had capacity to produce hand sanitiser, Nick and Michelle Hope didn’t take too long to think it over before saying yes. This small business located in Macclesfield, is founded on a sense of community & here was an opportunity to contribute when needed most. “We got into it pretty quickly for two reasons, healthcare and other essential services needed the product, but we also saw an opportunity to cultivate community relationships and get our brand noticed,”. It wasn’t an easy operation but with help from the ATO, Yarra Ranges Council and other local businesses, Nick was able to produce Dusty Barrel Distillery Hand Sanitiser and secure contracts with local schools & businesses, also available online. Dusty Barrel aims to produce unique handcrafted spirits from locally sourced fruit and grains. Nick is confident that the connections made through this unexpected side venture can only benefit them in the long run. “By buying and employing locally, we will reduce our carbon footprint and support the local community for the long term,” said Nick

Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Industry Capability Network “The Victorian Prospect – June 2020”

Industry Capability Network “The Victorian Prospect – June 2020”

It is great to see the following local business stories featured in this Special Edition – Industry Response to COVID-19

Combined Building Maintenance – Boronia

Signex – Bayswater

Dusty Barrell – Macclesfield

Four Pillars Gin – Healesville

Koala – Bayswater

ANCA – Bayswater

This edition is a great read, enjoy.

To find out more about ICNGateway & to join the networking platform that’s helping Australian business grow go to

Business Development Officer - Yarra Ranges Council
Tell us how your business is coping during the COVID-19 pandemic

It has been a challenging few months for businesses, based off the chats our Economic Development team have had with local businesses throughout the State of Emergency Period. We would now like to get a sense of how you’re feeling before further restrictions are lifted. Please take six minutes to complete this survey, we’d love to hear from you.

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