Australian made inspection machines ship to the USA to support COVID-19 vaccine

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ADDE have shipped the second of 3 specialist inspection machines to prefilled injector manufacturer ApiJect Systems Corp in the USA as part of the US Warp Speed program to accelerate the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. ApiJect have assembled 3 high speed lines to enable the complete fill and finish of up to 1.5 million injectors per day. The first ADDE inspection machine shipped to the USA in November 2020 and has now been installed and fully tested.

The ApiJect injector system is based on Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology which ADDE has extensive experience building custom manufacturing and packing equipment for.

As expected for a program named Warp Speed, time was of the essence. Our first proposal was for a 6-month program to completely design, build and commission 3 machines, but ApiJect then asked us if we could do it in 3

The ApiJect prefilled injectors are produced in a card of 5 doses with each card needing to be inspected for general profile, liquid fill, particles, and geometry. Although we have built similar systems, this required significant innovation in the handling, lighting, and inspection processes to perform the specific inspections required.

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