COVID-19 Business Support

Certified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent - Ringwood Bookkeeping

COVID-19 Business Support

There is plenty of information coming out about the current stimulus packages.

You already know about Cashboost and JobKeeper.

But do you know about:

  • Rent relief
  • Power bill relief
  • Bank charges/merchant fee/interest relief
  • ATO debt relief
  • Fair Work changes to some Awards to allow for standdowns, changes of hours, and other directives?
  • Relief from the state, including Business Victoria’s $10,000 grant, which has been expanded (from 1 May 2020) to include industries other than just the original retail and hospitality sectors
  • Accounting software companies helping with extra reports available relating to JobKeeper employee eligibility, easy payroll setup, easy forms, JobKeeper Turnover calculations, and Monthly Reporting calculations
  • a dedicated business owner section on the Beyond Blue coronavirus support page
  • the other side of our family business supports small business IT, and can help set up you and your employees to work from home

We encourage you to explore all the options available to support your small business if it is affected by restrictions. This can be difficult if you have never asked for help before, but we are happy to help guide you through the options and steps.

We are here to help you.

For constantly updated tips and links, keep an eye on our Facebook page, or call us on 1300 591 706.

Jenny Lawrence

Certified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent - Ringwood Bookkeeping

I'm a Boronia local, my brother and I have a family business with two arms - bookkeeping and IT services for small business.
I specialise in helping set up accounting software to be semi-automated to suit your needs, and can do full function bookkeeping and BAS, or can train you up to do the easy stuff and just help with the curly transactions and BAS lodgements.
We keep everything nice and tidy throughout the year for BAS and payroll compliance, then handover to your accountant at EOY to do the tax return.

Ringwood Bookkeeping

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