Don’t let the bad weather impact your business premises!

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

As if we all haven’t had enough of lock-down and bad news along comes the weather, heaps of rain and cold as a mother-in-laws kiss.

This is the time when many realise the importance of clean drains and sealed roofs. Unfortunately it is only when the weather is as bad as this the problems come to your attention.

So when you get into work today, lets hope everything is ok.

If not, don’t panic, take a breath and call me. We’ll clear your drains,seal your roofs and try to take away your problems

Call now 0418 380 565, we’re here to help.

Michael Daly

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

I run a Plumbing Maintenance business. Being in the industry for over 37 yrs now the changes have been dramatic. Having worked on small domestic premises in the early days right through to the tallest multi-storey buildings of Melbourne the experiences and exposure to to Plumbing and Mechanical system has been mind-blowing at times. As with everything today maintenance is a requirement in everyday life of business. Continual pursuit of further education whilst maintaining and improving standards is foremost on our agenda. We dont settle for second best, you dont.
Our relationships and contacts are far reaching which gives us the edge in critical time situations to get results.

MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing