Looking for employers to provide workplace learning opportunities

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The LOOKOUT Centre in the Department of Education and Training is looking for employers who would be willing to provide a workplace learning opportunity for a student in out-of-home care.

The industry engagement experiences could include:

  • an industry visit where students visit a workplace that they are interested in, either in a small group or individually with a carer/support person, to learn about the different occupations and the industry more broadly. This could also involve an employee talking about their typical working day and/or their pathway into their role, the types of skills required etc.
  • flexible work experience placement where a student does work experience in a supported manner – this might be one morning or one day per week and could involve a support person attending with the student at first.
  • Standard work experience placement for one or two weeks

Please contact Catherine Hirst, Careers Education Advisor at the Lookout Centre on 7022 1853 or catherine.hirst@education.vic.gov.au for more information.

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No entries match your request.