New Hospitality Grant

Certified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent - Ringwood Bookkeeping
Good news for Cafes, Bars & Restaurants – a grant that doesn’t rely on being on JobKeeper!
A lot of hospitality businesses either just missed out on qualifying for JobKeeper, or the staff were casuals and not employed for long enough to qualify.
This grant will help local hospo businesses that have fallen through the cracks.
Let us know if you need any help working out if you qualify or in the application process.

Jenny Lawrence

Certified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent - Ringwood Bookkeeping

I'm a Boronia local, my brother and I have a family business with two arms - bookkeeping and IT services for small business.
I specialise in helping set up accounting software to be semi-automated to suit your needs, and can do full function bookkeeping and BAS, or can train you up to do the easy stuff and just help with the curly transactions and BAS lodgements.
We keep everything nice and tidy throughout the year for BAS and payroll compliance, then handover to your accountant at EOY to do the tax return.

Ringwood Bookkeeping

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