Recycling is not secure document shredding!

Director - Secure-M Document Shredding - SecureM - Document Shredding Service

Using a recycling bin to dispose of your paper records does not mean your private information is safe.

The best way to destroy confidential documents is to shred them.

You are still helping the environment, however the documents are securely shredded first and then recycled.

The bins provided by a recycling company are very different to the ones provided by a shredding company.

The recycling bins are open containers easily accessible by anyone passing by the bins.

The minute you place confidential documents in a recycling bin you may have violated privacy laws. Simply putting them into a recycling bin is not taking reasonable steps to protect private information about your customers, suppliers, employees etc.

Shredding bins on the other hand are lockable and hold any confidential documents securely until they are destroyed.

Problem: Most businesses have a bin next to the copy machine. Now, think how often you make a copy that has an error on it or there is some other issue with it. Unfortunately the normal reaction would be to put it in the bin next to the copier. HUGE MISTAKE They should go into a lockable security bin, not the recycling bin.

Solution: You first need to establish a SHRED ALL policy in your business. This is a great way to protect your business information and be compliant with privacy laws. What this means is that EVERY piece of paper thrown away must be shredded. This takes away the good or bad judgement of your employees.

Place a lockable security bin next to the copy machine and throughout your office.

Even if your team is working from home this rule should still apply.

SecureM can deliver a lockable security bin service to your home office so you are able to still keep compliant.


Michael Krivosija

Director - Secure-M Document Shredding - SecureM - Document Shredding Service

I have gained excellent knowledge on security management having worked in some important projects involving top Australian companies and high powered individuals and events including:

TNT security (supervisor ) customers include Mobil Petroleum Refineries Australia, Housing Commission Victoria, Annset Airlines,Channel 10,
Family Law courts ( protecting Judges)
Sammy Davis jnr. (I was his armed bodyguard while in Melbourne)
Mel Gibson (premiere of movie Mad Max)
The movie premiere Pharr Lap.
Exhibition of Hand of Faith golden nugget
Secret transfers of Gold shipment at a major airport.
Providing armed alarm attendance, and for automatic teller machines.
2006 Commonwealth games
Australian Open Tennis.
Australia Post
Ernst & Young (corporate functions)such as Luncheon for Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger (Archbishop of Paris)
Jones Lang La Salle (supervised contracted security officers 120 Collins St. Melbourne)
Tattersall's Melbourne Head Office
Coles Mayer Head Office Tooronga
Australian Gold Refineries
Visy Industries ( trained Richard Pratt's family members in self defence)
Raheen (supervised security officers for many different functions including Luncheon for George Bush snr in cooperation with Victoria Police and Australian Federal police.
Just to name a few.

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