Road to Recovery

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

Yes we are all probably sick of the Virus, well and Truely.

2020 has been the year of change, not the way we all wanted unfortunately. Everyone now has decisions to make as we look to come out of lockdown and look to pick up the pieces of our businesses and try to recover and grow once again.

The most important part of opening up again and restarting our businesses is to plan ahead. Unfortunately we have to have a plan for worse case scenario as well as day to day running. None of us want to get caught with isolation like other businesses have been. Small business cant afford the huge cost of shutdown and deep cleaning combined with additional loss of income again.

Staff need to be alert, diligent and responsible. Even more so Customers must do similar, no question no exemption.

When we talk to our Clients and others we have to laugh a little. We thought we knew how to wash our hands before but now we are experts. But wait, there are still huge risks associated with doing this. Many Clients have modified their bathrooms, sad and embarrassing as it sounds, to help their staff lift their hygiene levels to the top. Part of this is installing hands free soap dispensors and Hands Free taps. These are the first steps towards reducing transmission through contact. The experts claim different surfaces are “live” for varying times. Prevention is better than Deep Cleaning. Afterall it does cost.

So without ranting further if you want to go forward and upgrade then we are here to help.

Reach-out today and get started.

PS. I forgot to mention another very important benefit. Timed-flow taps help you with your social conscious. You will reduce your water consumption as well as your energy consumption allover benefiting your overhead costs.

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Michael Daly

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

I run a Plumbing Maintenance business. Being in the industry for over 37 yrs now the changes have been dramatic. Having worked on small domestic premises in the early days right through to the tallest multi-storey buildings of Melbourne the experiences and exposure to to Plumbing and Mechanical system has been mind-blowing at times. As with everything today maintenance is a requirement in everyday life of business. Continual pursuit of further education whilst maintaining and improving standards is foremost on our agenda. We dont settle for second best, you dont.
Our relationships and contacts are far reaching which gives us the edge in critical time situations to get results.

MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing