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Say g’day to the team from McCartney Electrical Solutions. It was great to catch up with them recently and have a chat about what they’ve been up to.

Their Managing Director, Jonno, has a real passion for educating the next generation of electricians – so much so that he and his team were recognised at the Championing Industry in Victorian Schools event earlier this year.

Chatting with Jonno, his passion is clear – and he doesn’t buy into the rhetoric of some that young people are lazy and don’t want to put in the hard yards. His apprentices are living proof. Believing that they can do the job, and to learn, is the first, most important step.

McCartney Electrical are also part of my industry roundtable for the Bayswater Education Plan.

So, a massive shout out to the whole team there – for giving young people a shot at upskilling and getting skills they’ll carry with them for life.

Keep up the great work!

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