You’ve just experienced a cyberattack. What do you do?

When I speak with small businesses about cyberattacks, it’s surprising how most of them don’t have a plan if they get hit.

Where do you store your data backups?

How will you continue to operate if you lose your data?

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself in order to properly prepare yourself.

Small businesses get hacked it’s a fact of business life, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in place in case the worst happens.

Recently, we heard of a small business that actually attacked TWICE.

The first was a crypto locker attack that placed some of their data in jeopardy.

With professional help they were able to recover.

They were advised to perform additional security upgrades, but they didn’t listen.

Sure enough, they were attacked again.

This time all of their data from the last 12 months was encrypted, even their backups as they were stored on the same server.

The data they did eventually get back was all un-formatted, so they had to hire additional people full time for 8 weeks to sort through it.

If they didn’t get that data back, they would have had to close their business and put 30+ people out of work.

Don’t take cyberattacks lightly. They can happen to any business at any time.

So, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure an attack won’t slow your business down.

Craig Reynolds

Managing Director - Tech Precision Pty Ltd

After 25+ years of success working in small and medium-sized companies I found myself looking for the next step in my career; and decided to venture out on my own. I wanted to combine my passion for helping others succeed and prosper, while at the same time build my own company that provides opportunities and rewards for a like-minded team to grow and develop.

I acquired TP in 2017 and I’m proud to say we have evolved into a highly respected Managed Service business remaining relevant to today’s needs. Providing the right technology, systems and support to our clients certainly empowers them with the tools to help achieve their goals – however technology is consistently evolving and often a little confusing to understand if you’re not technically minded. In my opinion the quality of technical service a company provides is just as important as the business relationship, trust and communication between business partners - this is what really feeds my passion. I take as much satisfaction in focusing on TP’s strategic direction and growth as I do supporting and helping our clients achieve their business goals.

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