Under 40? Your super still matters.

Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money

So, you’re under forty. Should you be thinking about your superannuation? The answer is yes. Super is important no matter your age. We’re facing a problem, the baby boomers (yes, our parents) have started retiring putting a strain on the age pension. The government has already raised the age at which you can apply for…

The 3 steps to a successful financial plan.

Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money

Finances can be complex. We have found, through years of working with clients to achieve their goals, that simplicity is the best way to ensure that someone commits to and implements their plan to the fullest extent. At Smart Happy Money we have put together 3 steps that we believe may help you, depending on…

What is a lifestyle practice?

Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money

Smart Happy Business can help you build a successful lifestyle practice but what is a lifestyle practice and do you even want one? The starting point to understanding a lifestyle practice and determining if it is for you is to understand what it is not. 1: A lifestyle practice is not the biggest business you…

Industrial Manslaughter | Workplace Health and Safety Obligations

Significant addition to the OHS Act is now in place View our informative video about industrial manslaughter and other workplace safety obligations on YouTube at https://youtu.be/CHblsr_uKEU If you are a business owner and employ staff, then you need to be aware of the new industrial manslaughter laws that have been added to the OHS Act,…

Banking Made Personal

Franchise Manager - Bendigo Bank

As your local Bendigo Bank, Mobile Lending Specialist, I am available to meet with you and discuss your banking needs – at a time and place that suit you and your business.

What should you be doing now for your business to survive the downturn?

Business Mentor, Podcaster, Blogger, Business Awards Consultant and Entrepreneur - The Casual GM / "Should I Own a Business?" Podcast

During the past week or so I have conducted over 20 mentoring sessions (remotely of course!) with Business owners from a range of Industries. Some of them have seen their businesses completely decimated from the affects of this insidious pandemic while others have yet to feel a significant impact. What they all had in common…

Resilience in Business

Business Mentor, Podcaster, Blogger, Business Awards Consultant and Entrepreneur - The Casual GM / "Should I Own a Business?" Podcast

You’ve got a great Business idea, you’ve been diligently working away on your Business plan and the numbers are stacking up. You’ve identified your perfect customer, researched your competitors and have your eye on the perfect location. Your website is looking awesome and you’ve got your Instagram account and YouTube channel ready to go. Even…