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Australian Martial Arts Foundation Inc

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Our primary focus is to promote discipline, respect, honor, personal accountability and leadership through the philosophy of martial art activities. An increasing number of kids are tempted by certain elements of today's society that produce negative and/or non productive behavior. Likewise, there are significant numbers of adults who have drifted from the everyday practice of fundamental courtesy, community involvement and a demand for children, family and friends to be accountable for their actions.

Our mission is to provide an educational and charitable environment where children, teens, adults and senior citizens can be supported by a second family which teaches self defense, anti bullying, confidence, self esteem, and leadership.

Our foundation shares traditional values and guides students through life concepts utilizing training in traditionally taught Martial Arts of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Tai Chi along with structured lecture curriculum and formal youth mentorship programs.

Key Contacts

Bob Thai - Founder & President
Community Martial Arts Coach & Clients Engagement