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CNBSafe is a group of people that have experienced “First Hand” workplace injury or fatality.

We share our stories to try and show workplaces and management groups the ‘Real’ impact that workplace incidents can have and the reason that we must all be involved in SAFETY.

Our stories bring reality to all of the effort and resources that a business puts into safety, most people need a ‘Reason’ to use the training and systems and procedures that you put in place. Our Safety Speakers give them that reason by showing and explaining how their workplace accidents changed their lives and affected many of the people around them.

The stories we tell are not about statistics or procedures, they are real life messages on how getting hurt or killed while doing your job will change your life!


53 098 750 371

Key Contacts

James Wood - Safety Speaker and Director
Keynote Safety Speaker, Workplace Accident Speaker
03 9730 20900
Vanessa Wood - General Manager
Operations, Marketing and Human Resources
03 9730 2900