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Creating an Environment for Success (EFS)?

A professional athlete needs a coach or a mentor but yet its ok for a person running a small business to often flounder in the wilderness by themselves!
Why do 70% of businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation? A business owner does not wake up one day and say, “today is a good day to fail in my business!” In most cases it is not for a lack of trying – it is due to a lack of an Environment for Success – EFS™.

I have learnt through blood sweat and business tears that running a business must be fun, challenging but fun. It becomes fun and exciting when the business owner has a heightened awareness as to what the business is telling you; an understanding of the core business principles; being able to look at the business from afar and how to read the KPI’s unemotively and adapt – that is all part of creating an EFS.

I see it all too often: Lack of profitability; poor work-life balance; negative reward vs effort; frustration; constantly deviating from the plan; focussing on what the competition is doing instead of your core business; a lack of systems so the business relies on you etc. All of these weaknesses and threats can be fixed when someone is able to teach you the skills and assist you to create an EFS.

I am often amazed by how many businesses have inherent business issues but yet they are reluctant to temporarily turn off the marketing tap to fix those issues. A business coach/mentor will help you to sort out the vast range of complexities that a business owner is presented with.

Are you running the business so as to build up a saleable asset and to obtain a return on your investment? How you build and operate the business from the early stages will determine if you are able to sell it one day and get a ROI. In order for the business to be successful the person has to be successful and for the person to achieve success they have to grow. Growth requires the mindset, skills, plan and action

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Larry Cohen -
Business coaching and mentoring