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Doris Mounsey Yoga | Kinesiology | Workshops

Hi, I’m Doris Mounsey, as a Kinesiologist and Dru Yoga teacher, I’m here to help you to create more balance, calmness and clarity in your life.

My clients book my one on one Kinesiology sessions, when they feel out of balance in their body with health issues or stress symptoms, or with too many thoughts, feeling and emotion creating stress in their mind.

Being looked after, lying comfortably on a massage table allows you to release stress from your physical, emotional and mental body. While you are being held in this quiet state of relaxation, you feel the calmness and peace moving back into your body. Gentle guidance helps you to connect to your inner heart wisdom and you gain clarity around your next steps on how you like to move forward.

Dru Yoga is a very gentle and flowing style of yoga, often described as a mix of Yoga and TaiChi. My classes focus on mobilising the spine, are designed for beginners and create more energy and vitality in your body, mind and spirit.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I’m happy to answer any of your questions over the phone and all my services are also available online.


17 827 670 996

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DORIS MOUNSEY - Kinesiologist and Yoga teacher