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Andrew Donald Design Engineering

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Andrew Donald Design Engineering Pty Ltd (ADDE) is a specialist in industrial automation solutions. With extensive experience across a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, general manufacturing and material handling. We integrate the right combinations of robotics, custom machinery, tooling, sensors and control systems to deliver unique manufacturing solutions.

ADDE is a ‘full service’ solution provider, with in-house mechanical, electrical and control system design, procurement, manufacture, installation and support. We work closely with our customers from initial requirements and concept development and systems design through to integration into production to ensure our solutions exceed customer expectations.
ADDE offers a unique combination of extensive industry experience along with the latest technology in vision, sensor and control system capability to ensure we deliver the most effective solution to our customers. Our expertise and strength is in the integration of these technologies, turning them into production processes and quality management systems.

If a company has a manufacturing bottleneck, quality control issue, labour cost issue or new manufacturing system, ADDE can solve their problems with a customised industrial automation solution. If you can’t buy it, then we design and build it!

Based in Bayswater, Melbourne, we have delivered solutions throughout Australia as well as internationally.


55 697 602 296