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Managing Director - Action Transport

I am the managing director of Action Events, I have been in the events business for over 20 years.

My company is the leading supplier of amusements and attractions for hire, providing fun and entertainment for people of all ages.

Action Events offers a wide variety of amusements including inflatable rides and obstacle courses, carnival games, interactive concepts and Australia’s largest jumping castle. We also specialise in themed events.

Covid-19 hit the events industry hard from the get go and we found ourselves having to reinvent ourselves very quickly. Since I had a large fleet of trucks and utes I have now converted them into Action Transport. Our transport and removal fleet gives us the flexibility to perform both small and large jobs.

My staff are experts in logistics and are readily available to get back to work.

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Chris Berry
Chris Berry(@infront4x4)
1 year ago

Hi Damien, Chris here from In Front 4×4, just up the road from you in Bayswater. Reinvention seems to be a common theme for businesses – so good on you for stepping out of the box! We’re also in the process of thinking about how we can support other local businesses and continue doing what we do in the middle of a global pandemic. As an experienced mechanic, 4×4 specialist & business owner, I understand the importance of keeping fleet & trade vehicles properly maintained, reliable & on the job. In Front 4×4 * Is located in Bayswater, just off… Read more »