CT6788 Road Maintenance Services – Yarra Ranges Shire

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December 22, 2021

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February 9, 2022

Civil Works

CT6788 Road Maintenance Services - Yarra Ranges Shire

  • Lilydale
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    • Yarra Ranges Council
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1.1 The Yarra Ranges Shire Council ABN 21 973 226 012 (‘Council’) invites tenders from suitably experienced and resourced parties for the Provision of Road Maintenance and Street sweeping Services (‘the Services’). 1.2 The Contract will be for an initial period of five (5) years with Council having the solo option to extend the Contract by up to an additional (1+1) years. 1.3 Submissions are sought from tenderers suitably experienced in the management and provision of the Services as outlined in the specification. 1.4 Council is seeking Alternative Prices for this Service as follows: Alternative 1 Provision of Roadside and Footpath Sweeping Services (NSS and FSS Activities) Alternative 2 Provision of other Road Maintenance Services (PPR, PGU, NDS, DCP, DOD, FDE, FGS, FRW and NBM) Alternative 3 Provision of a Whole of Activities Service Council reserves the right to appoint one Contractor for the Whole of Service package, or appoint separate Contractors to the Alternative 1 & 2 packages of Activities. 1.5 It is Council’s intention for the contract to commence as soon as possible following tender award. 1.6 Please note: Council resourcing will be restricted from Wednesday, 22 December 2021 through to Wednesday, 05 January 2022. Any enquiries made within this timeframe will not be responded to until Thursday, 06 January 2022 at the earliest. 1.7 Please refer to Clause 8.8 of the General Conditions of Contract in this tender document – Where the scope of this contract involves construction works, Council appoints the Contractor as principal contractor for the construction work performed for or on behalf of the Council and authorises the Contractor to manage or control the workplace to the extent necessary to discharge the duties imposed on the Council as defined in the OHS Regulations etc. 1.8 Tender submissions must be received by TENDER CLOSING DATE or as otherwise changed by addenda. Tender submissions received late or by any other means than via the e-tendering portal will not be accepted unless agreed to in writing (via email or letter) by Council’s Procurement Services prior to the tender closing time as per the Conditions of Tender document enclosed. Please zip your tender submission together with any other relevant documents and upload the zipped file as per the instructions within the tender. If you have any difficulty accessing this tender or uploading your submission, please contact Open Windows on 03 9994 5482.

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